Track the real-time location of child for safety and reduce communication between the parents and schools

Our extensive and hands-on experience in Global Positioning Systems, RFID, as well as Video Streaming areas makes us the right team with the mission of providing suitable services and solutions to institutions and corporates that are based on a strong and undeterred commitment to business values.

We were able to focus our additional energy on delivering technology that touches people’s lives and enhances the human spirit. We truly believe that our clients’ experience is as important as the technology and design behind our products. We provide a creative culture so that all of our staff and partners can excel in their unique gifting.

Every solution and service Akshara IT  provide aims to unravel the untapped opportunities in solving common problems in the educational as well as the business sector. We build apps along with the service that is agile and customizable to every need and requirement, irrespective of the industry or the nature of the business we address. We simply believe in product and service to our customers and nothing more.

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